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Friday, August 31, 2012

School fun and games

My elder daughter is attending a new magnet high school.  The state has decided that parents should be able to get reimbursement of a token amount from their local school districts for transporting their own children if the town does not offer transportation to that particular school.

However, the state only decided to allow for parent reimbursement this summer, and hasn't sent the districts the info.  It requires a "contract" between the district and the parent.  It requires that this all be completed and submitted to the state by September 17th, so that the town can get reimbursement and then give it to the parent.  It sounds like my district doesn't think they can get it done before then, since it's a new legal thing.  

Hopefully it's just that the person I was talking to meant we wouldn't be able to get it done in the next week, not that we wouldn't be able to get it done before the 17th.  


At least the BoE is beginning the termination process for our Superintendent, who, based on the letter he wanted to read at the meeting last night, has some serious psychological issues (not to mention what he did that has brought us to this point).

Back again. Maybe.

Maybe it's time to start taking out my frustrations on a seldom read, minimally known blog rather than driving my leftie family and acquaintances nuts by posting on Facebook and Twitter... 8)