Daily Reads

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cats. Sigh

Our fat cat found the new bag of (diet) cat food and chewed a hole in the bottom. About a serving's worth of food has fallen on the floor. The cat who will hoover anything up comes over, looks at it, and squeeks at us while ignoring all the kibble. So I picked up most of the food, put it in her dish, and now she is chowing down like she's never seen food before.


Furry weirdos.


We're heading into a very busy week, the last week before Spring Break. I've got a take home exam (1/3 of course points) due to be handed/emailed in on Friday. Thankfully it's Federal Income Tax, so that's pretty easy, especially since it's open book. On Tuesday I take a make-up quiz for the one I missed on Thursday because of my bursitis. On Thursday I have two more exams (1/7th and 1/4 of their respective course grades).

I do have a doctor's appointment on Monday for my shoulder, and hopefully they'll decide it is indeed bursitis and a cortisone shot will take care of it, at least for the next few months. I'd like to not have every joint in my arm from the shoulder down, but especially the elbow complaining 24/7.

And next weekend I'll be taking daughter up to Ithace to stay with my sister for a week. (The daughter, not me.)