Daily Reads

Friday, June 24, 2016

Killing time...

Graduation occured and I managed a straight A semester, including in Business Law, which is almost unheard of. I really wish I could have looked at that final exam to see what I got right/wrong, since I didn't feel that confident when I walked out. Maybe he had to curve things again. Apparently my section did so badly on the second exam that he added 14 points to everyone's grade to bring them back up to the norm. It was a 250 point exam and I had 236 before he added the points. (I wonder if that's why he gave people 14, so I didn't end up with better than 100%?)

Whatever the reason, I'm not complaining, and it's kind of nice to know that my Diploma, even if it is for my fifth college degree, and only an Associate's, will be Summa Cum Laude. I should have gone into student services after the grades came out (which was after the graduation ceremony) and asked if I could get a gold tassel to replace the silver one I was given for the ceremony since they had to base the ceremony notes on what you had as of the end of the previous semester when I was off Summa by .01 on my GPA.

And now I need to get my FAFSA in order, apply to Post for their MS in Accounting and their Certificate in Forensic Accounting, and find a job.

Not necessarily in that order.

At least I'm starting to get some real house cleaning done since my right shoulder is starting to feel better (yay, new PT practice), and the left one is almost back to where it should have been if I hadn't had half the cartilage wear out. I'm also trying to finish at least a few of the (far too many) cross stitch and embroidery kits I've picked up over the years, so I'm also doing a ton of Netflixing (OK, a  lot of it was actually on Hulu or Xfinity), catching up on shows I haven't watched all year and stuff I'd never watched. I made it through 10 seasons of Supernatural in about 2 weeks, I've caught up on Grimm and Castle (the last minute of the finale was very poorly done), watched the first series of Happy Valley, and I'm now watching Sleepy Hollow. I am very sad that we only have 5 more episodes of Hell on Wheels, but at least, for once, I'm watching something essentially real time. Now can they just get Season 2 of the Librarians up somewhere?