Daily Reads

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The local wildlife

This was on my daughter's window last night. It's a second floor window, the upper casement, overlooking the roof of a one-story extension. There are trees, but not nearby. No clue how he got there, and since he showed absolutely no interest in leaving, we "rescued" him a bit later, since my child didn't really want to sleep looking up at a frog belly.

He seems to be a Gray Treefrog, the only true treefrog in Connecticut. Yippee.

(edited to correct a spelling mistake in the title)

Not much.

The job hunt has started, I'm finally getting moving on applications and financial aid for continuing my coursework, and I spent yesterday getting my kid signed up for classes at the community college and respraining my wrist.

The last is my own stupid fault, and also a perfect example of my screwy pain response in that I injured it around 5pm, and didn't notice until after 10. We got her signed up for three classes, a Math class which she needs for the degree program she wants and which is also a prereq for the Chemistry class she wants to take (which will also count towards the degree), and two practical Art classes. The 2D Design class had been cancelled, presumably because too few folks had signed up for it, but 3D Design was still there, as well as Ceramics I, both degree requirements, and both in the evening. I'd have liked her to do a fourth class so she'd be full time, but she's leary of doing that, so I figure this course load should get her into more of a routine, and by next semester she will be able to take four classes, and more of them regular classroom type classes. She has to have two english classes, two art history classes, and a social studies class, as well as the dread First Year Experience, which we've put off until her second semester. She has already taken a single class for two semesters, so it's not like she has no clue, though I should ask around and see if one of the FYE instructors has a special emphasis on "how to study", something my kid was never taught and would actually like to learn, with more info than just sit down at a desk with your books for at least X hours a day.  She needs to know what to do when she's at the desk.

But after a few hours of dealing with the financial end of things, we got her registered, and hit the book store to get her stuff. There is nothing right now for 3D, since they have a new instructor and don't know yet whether that teacher wants to use the kit that the previous one did. I'm checking Amazon to see if I can get the math book cheaper, since usually you can. And then there was the stuff for Ceramics... A set of clay working tools (a whopping $11!!) and 25 pounds of clay. And trying to carry that was what did me in. Instead of carrying it to the car, we should have driven the car to the clay. Oh well, I'll pick up a new wrist brace today and in a week or two I'll be as good (or bad) as usual. There's a reason I haven't been applying for jobs with a significant physical component.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Further adventures in injury

Based on the interesting puffiness around my upper knee cap on the right, which almost feels like a large blister, I'm guessing that I'm developing prepatellar bursitis.


Of course it has to start developing at about bed time, and now (a bit after 1am) it's starting to get rather painful.  I guess I'll have to ask the spousal unit to drop me at the local freestanding ER on his way to work in the morning, unless I'm in too much pain/discomfort to wait that long.  I'll try.

Grass tufts are brutal!