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Friday, April 07, 2017

For the good folks in Clinton Iowa....

On the off chance that the Clinton PD is taking the advice found all over the internet to "Google Bill Schmalfeldt", here's what I wrote about him some three years back:
Note that I let a comment of his through, and he seems to think that Hoge is the one who presses criminal charges against him, rather than the state.

I can't find a blog post covering when he so kindly sued me the first time, But he sued me again in late 2015 and almost immediately dropped me with prejudice before even serving me.

The man is a fool, and a nasty petty minded one at that. He has miraculously recovered after 11 years or more of suffering from an always progressive neurological disease which has no cure. He only enjoys life when he is making others miserable. The world will be a better place when he leaves it. (By the way, that last statement is a death threat according to Bill Schmalfeldt.) The best info you will find on Bill Schmalfeldt is at Hogewash, PopeHat or TheOtherMcCain.

Really, Just Google Bill Schmalfeldt.