Daily Reads

Friday, May 22, 2015

Time to prep

So, school news first.
On Monday I was able to check the grade for Finance, and since I managed to get an A on the final, that was an A for the entire course.  I got an email from my Accounting prof to let me know that I had been given a 95 on the project (a few minor issues, but as he said at the last class, if anyone got everything right about it, they should be up teaching the class rather than taking it), and a 92 on the final (which meant I got to drop the exam with the 87), for an average of 95 something, and another A.  I finished the Quickbooks review, took the exam, and when I checked it Tuesday morning, I'd alsso managed an A in that class.  That left Statistics, but I had to wait until after the last day of class to see the uploaded grade in the unofficial online transcript.  Sadly, that was only an A-. Awwww.

Now I get to concentrate on prepping the house for surgery and getting younger child through her Geometry, Algebra II, and some grammar before the start of school in the fall. I was able to get an unofficial copy of her high school transcript, and they've double counted some stuff, and not given credit for other stuff, but when I added in her home school stuff, she's not doing too badly, and if we get through all the stuff for the summer, she'll be in great shape for next year.

I need to do a fair bit of work to get the house ready for surgery, and of course now that classes are done and I don't have anything else to procrastinate from, it's much harder to find the will power.  Typical. I tried the pain med I was given for pre-op, and I'm not taking that one ever again. The nausea and headache were/are terrible, and there's no real pain relief.

I've got an appointment with elder child and her ortho in a little bit to see if her upper spine curve is behaving, or if it's why she's having so many shoulder and neck issues lately.  If it's the problem, I hope we can still use Children's.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

And we're getting there....

Also known as 4 down, 1 to go.  I just took the last Finance exam, and feel pretty good about it. I only needed a 78 to get an A in the overall course. There were 20 questions and there was only 1 that I totally guessed on, and two or three that I wasn't completely comfortable with.  So, fingers crossing and all that.

We made it to New Jersey yesterday afternoon, later than I'd planned, but not too bad, and that was in spite of the best laid plans of New Jersey signage.  Their road signs and what the GPS thinks things are called don't seem to match in the Piscataway area.  However, having to pull over when it looked like we'd screwed up for a third time was actuallly a Good Thing, as just as I pulled over to the break down lane a large piece of scrap metal went careening through were the car would have been, and while I think we would have survived it, I don't think the driver's side of my car would have. So there was that.

And then the hotel turned out to be at the beginning of a major remodel, and lots of stuff had issues. But being polite but a little loud and very unhappy got many things fixed. The staff are great, but it seems that upper-upper management isn't giving them much to work with.  So I'd probably avoid the Hotel Suomerset Bridgewater until later in 2016 after they've sorted it out and reopened as a Crown Plaza.

My daughter got her makeup and costume on and I got her dropped off and checked in to the Steampunk World's Fair, and went back to the hotel, (which was when I was polite upset and got a new room), moved some of our stuff, and then went and had a half price G&T.  I felt much, much better after that.  I picked the kid up around 10 after the dinner with the band and heard all about her photo with them, and her selfies with them, and meeting all sorts of people she knows from the tumblr group.

Today I got her dropped off fairly early for the meet-and-greet, and she wasn't planning on coming back before the concert is over, which will be around midnight.  So I'm going to head down shortly, as soon as it hits 5, for another G&T and some dinner.

And then it's going over the last three chapters of QuickBooks, so I can (hopefully) take the test in the morning while kid's over at the fair, and then we'll head home sometime late afternoon/early evening. Even if I don't get the test done until Monday (it closes Monday at 23:59), after that it's all over for the summer.

School, that is. My school. I still have to work with younger child on her math, and get the house and stuff ready for surgery on the 4th. I want to not have to worry if I do wake up in an immobilizer, and then if it goes as planned, everything will be fine too.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Slowly, slowly...

Two finals down, and one more tonight, leaving just two. I'll take one online tomorrow and try to get the other out on Saturday, but I've got until Monday evening for that one.

I spent a busy morning today getting my car its oil & lube, tire rotation, and a new cabin air filter.  Then I spent an exciting hour at the DMV getting my new license. Lord but CT is expensive. $72 for six years. The photo doesn't hide the pudge, but at least I look like I'm alive, rather than something that was poorly embalmed a few months back. And then over to the outpatient lab center for my pre-op workup of blood and an EKG.  I had to fill out a full H&P, again.  It would be so much easier for me if the hospital would just give me a print out of my last one with spaces for changes.  Really, I haven't had any new surgeries since the last one done there.  I suppose I should be happy that (at least so far) they've only asked me to fill it out once. For one of the last two surgeries I gave up when it happened a fourth time, and just wrote in big letters "SEE PHYSICIAN'S COPY!!". I had done one for the surgeon, one for the OR, one for anesthesia, and I don't remember who the last one was for.  They never got back to me to complain, so I have to wonder if anyone even looked at it.

I had the pre-op with the surgeon yesterday. Apparently what radiology calls tears is, in my case, more like fraying hems. So if it turns out to really be that I won't be immoblized for weeks, and will be able to use my elbow and wrist pretty much from day one. On the other hand she may get in there and find it looks very, very different. I'll only know for sure when I wake up and find out whether I'm in a sling or immobilized in lots of black strapping.

So, back to last minute studying and notecard creation.....

Sunday, May 10, 2015


is something I'm usually pretty good at.  

I procrastinated on my Finance paper until 8 hours before it had to be uploaded. I spent 5 hours writing three pages (I did have an outline already) on a topic I know next to nothing about.  That final portion of the project was worth 60 points. (The earlier sections were 5 points for chosing an acceptable topic, 10 points for the title page, abstract, and outline, annd 25 points for the first draft/portion of the paper - I got 40 out of 40.) The final paper was to be at least 5 pages long. My 1st draft submission was over that.  I needed to finish the last sections, because I still don't really write drafts, I write the paper, or at least each section, in one go, and then I copyedit. So anyways, after 5 hours I had an 8 page paper in APA format with lots of inline citations, a corrected outline, because of course it changed a bit as I wrote it, a slightly changed bibliography, because I used some things I didn't know about at the beginning, and I didn't bother with some stuff I had included, and the original abstract and title page for a total of 112 pages.

5 hours work got me 60 points out of 60.

I really can't decide if this is because I'm just that good at writing papers, or if it is saying something about the quality of paper expected at the undergraduate level these days. Or maybe it's a bit of both.
Not that I really care, I got the grade.

So now I'm down to studying for the accounting and statistics in-class finals; at least stats isn't cumulative. And I have two online tests to take. I was going to start all the studying on Friday. It's now Sunday. Oops.

I hope to have everything done by Thursday night so I can spend the whole weekend sleeping or Netflixing except when I have to chauffeur my kid someplace at the Steampunk World's Fair. After that I can take real pain meds for my shoulder until the surgery; it's not like I have to worry about being charged with housecleaning under the influence.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The end is nigh!

At least of the semester.

I'm finished with microeconomics. I got a 95 on the last test (it would have been higher but I reversed two numbers, though at least I remembered what they were) so my average for the semester is over a 93 for the A, and I don't need to do the take home cumulative final to get one of the earlier test grades dropped.

Last night saw the accounting company financials presentations, and my group didn't do too badly; we went over the last test after handing in the answer sheet so know I missed 4 out of 42. I'm kicking myself because one of the answers was obvious if I'd read the question one more time. It was one of those where you are given a fair bit of extraneous data, and I didn't get rid of quite enough.  But I've also got the trial balance project completely done, as well as the school's accreditation exam, so all I've got to do is show up next week after doing some (relatively thorough review) and I may not even have to take the cumulative final in this class either.

So.  All that's left is going over the last three chapters of Quickbooks for the online exam which opens on the 12th, finish the last chapter and it's homework in Principles of Finance, and review for the online exam, which opens on the 12th, and study like mad for the Statistics final on the 14th. At least class tomorrow night will be completely review.

On the 15th I drive down to the Steampunk World's Fair with my eldest, and other than chauferring her (which may not be too necessary as the hotel we're staying at is a satelite Con hotel so there may be at least some limited shuttle service) I should be able to sleep.  Especially as I'm going to ask my doctor at the pre-op appointment on the 13th for some decent pain meds. 6 hours broken sleep a night is getting ... interesting. And not in a good way.

Friday, May 01, 2015

June 4th

I got my surgery date today, June 4th. That gives time to finish this semester and get myself, and hopefully the house, ready for me being functionally one armed for the following 6 weeks or so.  I've got a pre-op appointment on the 13th to sign the paperwork and find out exactly what the doc is planning to do. The surgical appointment manager started reading and after the second item said "and a lot of other stuff". There's some debridement in there, and opening stuff up to remove the impingement, and shaving some bone off the clavicle (?), etc., etc.  It will make a lot more sense when the doctor explains it, especially since she knows exactly what she's talking about so she can explain it to me.

I also need to learn to recalibrate my personal pain scale.  The ribs have hurt since the car accident in 1990 and I'm so used to it, I don't even notice it most days unless something makes me think about them (like writing this). It hid my gall stones until it was so bad I ended up in the ER with it (and surgery four days later). I've also been told that defining a 10 as "makes you pass out" isn't considered realistic. So I guess I just need to start taking my original number and adding 2 to it.

So, I should enjoy being able to blog right now, because starting in June I won't be doing much since I don't have voice recognition software on this thing, and the thought of having to type everything out one handed? Ain't happening.