Daily Reads

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The local wildlife

This was on my daughter's window last night. It's a second floor window, the upper casement, overlooking the roof of a one-story extension. There are trees, but not nearby. No clue how he got there, and since he showed absolutely no interest in leaving, we "rescued" him a bit later, since my child didn't really want to sleep looking up at a frog belly.

He seems to be a Gray Treefrog, the only true treefrog in Connecticut. Yippee.

(edited to correct a spelling mistake in the title)

Not much.

The job hunt has started, I'm finally getting moving on applications and financial aid for continuing my coursework, and I spent yesterday getting my kid signed up for classes at the community college and respraining my wrist.

The last is my own stupid fault, and also a perfect example of my screwy pain response in that I injured it around 5pm, and didn't notice until after 10. We got her signed up for three classes, a Math class which she needs for the degree program she wants and which is also a prereq for the Chemistry class she wants to take (which will also count towards the degree), and two practical Art classes. The 2D Design class had been cancelled, presumably because too few folks had signed up for it, but 3D Design was still there, as well as Ceramics I, both degree requirements, and both in the evening. I'd have liked her to do a fourth class so she'd be full time, but she's leary of doing that, so I figure this course load should get her into more of a routine, and by next semester she will be able to take four classes, and more of them regular classroom type classes. She has to have two english classes, two art history classes, and a social studies class, as well as the dread First Year Experience, which we've put off until her second semester. She has already taken a single class for two semesters, so it's not like she has no clue, though I should ask around and see if one of the FYE instructors has a special emphasis on "how to study", something my kid was never taught and would actually like to learn, with more info than just sit down at a desk with your books for at least X hours a day.  She needs to know what to do when she's at the desk.

But after a few hours of dealing with the financial end of things, we got her registered, and hit the book store to get her stuff. There is nothing right now for 3D, since they have a new instructor and don't know yet whether that teacher wants to use the kit that the previous one did. I'm checking Amazon to see if I can get the math book cheaper, since usually you can. And then there was the stuff for Ceramics... A set of clay working tools (a whopping $11!!) and 25 pounds of clay. And trying to carry that was what did me in. Instead of carrying it to the car, we should have driven the car to the clay. Oh well, I'll pick up a new wrist brace today and in a week or two I'll be as good (or bad) as usual. There's a reason I haven't been applying for jobs with a significant physical component.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Further adventures in injury

Based on the interesting puffiness around my upper knee cap on the right, which almost feels like a large blister, I'm guessing that I'm developing prepatellar bursitis.


Of course it has to start developing at about bed time, and now (a bit after 1am) it's starting to get rather painful.  I guess I'll have to ask the spousal unit to drop me at the local freestanding ER on his way to work in the morning, unless I'm in too much pain/discomfort to wait that long.  I'll try.

Grass tufts are brutal!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What I'm doing with my summer....

R Foot Sprain
R Ankle Sprain
R Wrist Sprain
R Knee Contusion
Cuts and Abrasions
Pulled Muscles

What happens when you trip over a tuft of grass which is trying to invade your driveway.

Of course it is my right foot, so it's going to be a while before I can drive again, so its going to be a while before I can get a job. I've already had to turn down a temp gig because of it. (Grrrr)

Lottery gods, you need to get your act in order. It doesn't have to be a big one, just enough to keep things going until I heal up and can find something with reasonable pay. Enough to install some A/C would be nice too.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Killing time...

Graduation occured and I managed a straight A semester, including in Business Law, which is almost unheard of. I really wish I could have looked at that final exam to see what I got right/wrong, since I didn't feel that confident when I walked out. Maybe he had to curve things again. Apparently my section did so badly on the second exam that he added 14 points to everyone's grade to bring them back up to the norm. It was a 250 point exam and I had 236 before he added the points. (I wonder if that's why he gave people 14, so I didn't end up with better than 100%?)

Whatever the reason, I'm not complaining, and it's kind of nice to know that my Diploma, even if it is for my fifth college degree, and only an Associate's, will be Summa Cum Laude. I should have gone into student services after the grades came out (which was after the graduation ceremony) and asked if I could get a gold tassel to replace the silver one I was given for the ceremony since they had to base the ceremony notes on what you had as of the end of the previous semester when I was off Summa by .01 on my GPA.

And now I need to get my FAFSA in order, apply to Post for their MS in Accounting and their Certificate in Forensic Accounting, and find a job.

Not necessarily in that order.

At least I'm starting to get some real house cleaning done since my right shoulder is starting to feel better (yay, new PT practice), and the left one is almost back to where it should have been if I hadn't had half the cartilage wear out. I'm also trying to finish at least a few of the (far too many) cross stitch and embroidery kits I've picked up over the years, so I'm also doing a ton of Netflixing (OK, a  lot of it was actually on Hulu or Xfinity), catching up on shows I haven't watched all year and stuff I'd never watched. I made it through 10 seasons of Supernatural in about 2 weeks, I've caught up on Grimm and Castle (the last minute of the finale was very poorly done), watched the first series of Happy Valley, and I'm now watching Sleepy Hollow. I am very sad that we only have 5 more episodes of Hell on Wheels, but at least, for once, I'm watching something essentially real time. Now can they just get Season 2 of the Librarians up somewhere?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Eight days....

to Graduation.

I've got five exams left, three tomorrow (and algebra is the only one I'm worrying about), and two accounting exams Monday night. Then two days to work on resumes and cover letters and start job hunting. Joy.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cats. Sigh

Our fat cat found the new bag of (diet) cat food and chewed a hole in the bottom. About a serving's worth of food has fallen on the floor. The cat who will hoover anything up comes over, looks at it, and squeeks at us while ignoring all the kibble. So I picked up most of the food, put it in her dish, and now she is chowing down like she's never seen food before.


Furry weirdos.


We're heading into a very busy week, the last week before Spring Break. I've got a take home exam (1/3 of course points) due to be handed/emailed in on Friday. Thankfully it's Federal Income Tax, so that's pretty easy, especially since it's open book. On Tuesday I take a make-up quiz for the one I missed on Thursday because of my bursitis. On Thursday I have two more exams (1/7th and 1/4 of their respective course grades).

I do have a doctor's appointment on Monday for my shoulder, and hopefully they'll decide it is indeed bursitis and a cortisone shot will take care of it, at least for the next few months. I'd like to not have every joint in my arm from the shoulder down, but especially the elbow complaining 24/7.

And next weekend I'll be taking daughter up to Ithace to stay with my sister for a week. (The daughter, not me.)

Saturday, February 27, 2016

A quick update

Which is all I have time or energy for right now.

The semester is in full swing. Thankfully two of the classes cover similar topics and are pretty easy, but they help me fill the business/finance/economics credits necessary to eventually sit the CPA exam, and they'll get me a Certificate in Customer Service which might help me land some sort of job paying better than minimum if I can't find something in accounting or book-keeping right away. I swear that no one reads the actual bullet points on a resume anymore if they see a job title they think they know. (Which reminds me, I need to completely revamp my resume, removing as many dates as possible and trying out the functional format instead of the chronological one.)

Math is easier than I'd hoped for, which is good, which leaves Intermediate Accounting II (so far not too bad, ask me again after the exam in two weeks), Federal Taxation (so far a refresher from working for HRB all those years ago, and take home exams, God bless the prof), and Business Law II, which will be a bear for the exams and grades, but is an incredibly entertaining class.

My idiot, insane harasser in WI dropped me from his latest suit, with prejudice, because one of the other defendents hired a lawyer. I'm sure there's some logic there, but I don't know what. I can only imagine that his pea-brain realized that if one of the "dim girls" hired a real pit-bull legal type, the other might too?  Who knows, and I don't really care, it's one less bit of stress and time suck for right now. Though I did have some nice options for a counterclaim if he'd continued. Maybe if I get a decent job this summer I'll consider going after him anyway.  (A girl can dream, no?)

So it's off to finish this week's Accounting homework and get caught up on my law reading while doing some spring cleaning. I have found I do more housework while studying since it's a good way to procrastinate. :)