Daily Reads

Saturday, July 18, 2015

I'm not dead yet

Things have been fairly quiet here lately. We have a boat picnic to go to tomorrow, so should see some friends we haven't seen in ages.

To fill more of the post for the few folks who stop here, some photos I've taken lately.

First, a butterfly that was wandering around the back steps and the raspberry bushes:

We're pretty sure it's a Great Spangled Fritillary.

And then some of our sleeping kitties. Especially amusing is the fat fuzzy one's hind toes which can be seen in the upper photo.

It is rather disturbing how much dreck in the carpet doesn't really show to the naked eye, but when you take a photo using the flash it pops.  Just proving why I want to tear the whole thing up. It's crap carpeting anyway, and I know the wood underneath is in fairly decent condition.  Worst comes to worst, and we can buy a few cheap area rugs, but anything to make it easier to clean up the cat hair and hair balls.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Independence Day

Somehow, this seems more appropriate with every passing year.

New cat

Last weekend we got a new cat, and after only a week she seems to be getting on with the other cats without much growling and no bloodshed.

She's about 6, and has come to us rather severely overweight.  Today she tried to get into the bay window which apparently involves standing on the Wii board, climing onto the paper shredder and then into the window.  This morning she fell off the paper shredder. Twice.  So when she tried to get up later you could see her spending time calculating whether it might not be easier leaping over the rabbit cage. Thankfully she figured out it wouldn't be, and this time she didn't fall.

The weather is iffy today, and the husband had to work, so we're going over to the parents' place for the barbeque tomorrow when the weather is better and no one is tired.

On the shoulder front, it still hurts like the dickens.  I am really, really looking forward to being able to sleep for more than 5 hours at a stretch.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

The "T" in "PT" stands for....

supposedly, therapist.

Terrorist or torturer work just as well.

I got home from PT and a visit to the DMV to get my new handicapped tag and took a six hour nap.

This morning I woke up after only 5 hours sleep, having taken 800mg of ibuprofen right before I fell asleep, because I was in too much pain to stay asleep. It took several hours before I could move the shoulder.  I know it's improving, but the work to get it there isn't fun at all.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Post-Op Day 26

I had my three week check up today, and was cleared to drive. I probably could have done it earlier; as I suspected since it wasn't written on my instructions, my doctor was leaving it up to my discretion. But it's only in the last few days that moving my arm as you have to to drive hasn't been painful.

My mother and husband are happy that they don't have to drive me everywhere anymore.

So now it's off to job hunt in earnest, second shift and/or part time so I don't have to drop any of my classes for this fall.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Post-Op Day 12

I had my first post-op PT session yesterday. It wasn't as not-fun as I'd thought it might be, but it was not-fun.  I've lost some range of motion, though not as much as my PT guy had expected (probably because I'd already started doing some very gentle stretching on my own), and stretching it out hurts.  My PT guy has requested the op notes from the surgeon's office, which required me signing a release because his name wasn't specifically in their files.  Damn HIPAA, because he didn't need a release what with being one of my medical providers for this particular issue, but many providers have gone overboard on requiring patient releases because of that damned law.  He agreed that unless the op notes showed something very different from my understanding of what was done, avoiding using the sling as much as possible is the better plan.  I just find that the sling is actually more uncomfortable than no sling most of the time.

On a much lighter note, this means that there is a good chance I'll be able to drive by sometime in early July, so I can start job hunting again.

As it is, I'm sitting on the sofa listening to the sirens go by on the main road and watching my cat in the bay window as he loses it every time a bird goes by.  He has this hysterical little a-a-a-a noise he makes when they tease him. My husband has today off, so we're going to get caught up on dishes and laundry, most of which require the pushing, pulling and/or lifting I still can't do so, surprise, we've gotten a little behind. Once that's done, I'm going to make liver and onions and bacon with mash for dinner.  Which reminds me we need to order more Beef Roast seasoning from Penzey's.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Post-Op Day 9

I took the steri-strips off today and the incisions seem to be healing nicely. There are some very diffinite lumps under them which would be where the stiches are tied. Hopefully they will absorb properly, unlike the stiches when I had my deviated septum repaired last year.  I'd rather not have my surgeon have to make incisions in the incisions to remove them.

I'm definitely doing better, though I'm still using the sling, though not around the house (I'd like to keep my balance, thank you), and I'm being very careful about trying to remember to NOT "push, pull, or lift" with my left arm.  The doctor didn't say I should stop using the sling, but she didn't say I had to continue, and there is nothing in the post-op instructions about it, just the no "push, pull, lift" bit.  Since I think the sling can actually make things worse, I'll keep it handy, but not use it if I don't obviously need it.

I have my first day of PT on Monday, with a re-evaluation, so that will be interesting.  I can tell that the shoulder is a lot more frozen/stiff than it was before surgery.  I don't think PT will be fun. 

At least I feel that I can now start job hunting, since I should be driving well before the beginning of the fall semester. It just needs to be a second shift/weekend position.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Post-Op Day 6

I saw my doctor yesterday about the fall. She checked out the arm, and the verdict is that I didn't seem to have done any damage to it, so I don't need to go in on Friday for my post-op check, and I'll go back in three weeks, which will be after 2+ weeks of physical therapy. So I think the take-away from this is that, if it doesn't hurt, I might as well do it.

So I've stopped wearing the sling around the house, which allows me to move the elbow and hands much more easily, as well as keep my balance better.  I saw my GP today about the increase in my idiopathic peripheral edema, and the best advice she can give is that all my labs and other tests look fine, so I really just need to lose weight. Even if I don't lose weight, if I get more active the swelling should improve, which I did notice after walking to the local mini-mart. So I guess I need to find my Reeboks and start taking a daily walk as well as using the Wii.

I can already move almost as much without pain as before the surgery, so PT should now actually increase my movement and strength rather than have to just focus on keeping the joint from freezing. All told, so far at least, this is going much, much better than I feared it might.