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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Strange place to find Saudi propaganda

Tonight as I was removing the umpteen pounds of spam from my mailbox, I found one of those free gift offers. It was a fairly small item, and something that I might be interested in depending on how much the shipping and handling for the "free" item is. So I went through their several screens of offers, happily checking no on all of them, and then, at the last screen before the "Choose your gift" section I was presented with this:


Welcome! Take advantage of these special offers.1. Select your offer(s), complete all required fields, then click "Submit".2. Otherwise, click "No Thanks".

The Investment U E-Letter: {snip} More Info

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History Is Fun!Take hold of America's beginnings in two centuries with 1 ticket to Jamestown Settlement & the
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Learn about Saudi Arabia's fight against terrorism.How is Saudi Arabia fighting terrorism? How are they partnering
with The US? Receive FREE email updates that answer these questions and provide other official updates and
public statements from the Saudi Embassy. You can unsubscribe at any time. More Info

Expect the future. Get WIRED: {snip} More Info

Register to Win a One-Week Vacation Rental!{snip} More Info

I agree with the Terms And Conditions


They must be getting pretty worried about their image if they're resorting to this.

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