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Friday, August 13, 2004


I don't think I really suffer from KDS (Kerry derangement syndrome, presumably the counterpart to BDS), but something about the man really irks me.

As I tried to point out to my sister, he's running his entire campaign on VietNam, and while that's all well and good, if he wants me to consider voting for him, he better be out there telling me what he's going to do for the country now. My sister assures me that he has plans, but they all seem to be buried on his website, and as the candidate he should be out there telling me, not making me do all the work to find out what direction he wants the country to go.

I have found some good stuff on his economic plan, though the people who did that apparently had to do a lot of digging themselves.

So go forth and read here: http://techcentralstation.com/081304C.html and then follow the links in that article. I don't think the author is really too biased; he's not in the Bush camp. Someplace else I've read that if Kerry's plans were to go through, over the next four years we'd be looking at an extra $6,000 in taxes per taxpayer. Now that's an average, and if you make at the lower end of the spectrum, your share would presumably be smaller, but still, that's the equivalent of losing two months af my husband's Navy retirement check per year for our family.

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