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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Does this make sense?

Something's screwy here. It's harder to get online access to school information about my daughter through parentconnect than it is to get to any of my banking stuff. If I forget a password, or the account gets locked, I have to go to the school office to get it sorted out. Of course the whole point of having this service is so that I don't have to go to the office, since I, as do many other parents these days, work full time, including all the hours when the school office is open. So to use the system that will keep me from losing work time by having to go into the school in person, I have to lose work time to go into the office in person. But to get access to all my bank info and send my money anywhere in the world, I can sign up on line, get the password online, and never once have to show a real person that I'm who I say I am. And it's not like this school info gives schedules or anything that would make it easier to stalk or abduct my child than what is already available to the general public on the school web site.


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