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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Watching the DOW tank

Interesting how this bill that everyone was so desperate to get passed (do it now or we'll all DIIEEEEE!!!!!) isn't reassuring the markets. Porkulus is being signed today, and the markets are already down another 250. They are obviously feeling stimulated.

And concerning the actualy signing.... Remember how everyone got so upset about the car company executives flying to DC on their corporate jets. It was wasting fuel and bad for the environment, much better to spend hours in a "green" car? Well, it's just fine for the administration to fly one of the (D) senators back to DC from his mother's wake so they could get this thing passed. And then O flies himself and his family back to Chicago for the weekend, then back to DC yesterday, and off to Denver today. Between that and keeping the Oval Office at over 80° what's his carbon footprint? How come only us peons have to conserve?

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