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Monday, December 16, 2013

And in the formerly "Great" Britain....


Having actually read the article it isn't quite as bad as it sounds.  Maybe.

At least the Islamists are only protesting the sale of alcohol by other Muslims.  Of course we don't know if those drinking the alcohol are Muslim, which would seem to be a much worse crime by sharia standards.

But why the Brits put up with a small minority trying to take over their country I don't know.  Why TPTB think appeasing Muslims will save them, I don't know.  Or are they all secret Muslims?

At least some Islamic "scholars" and imams are coming out against the protest, though I find it hard to believe that all of them actually disagree with the protesters aims.  Taqiiyah (however you want to spell it) suggests that a good Muslim will lie if he or she thinks it will ultimately further the spread of Islam.  And pissing off the locals to the point where they are protesting, violently or not, against Islam isn't the best way to spread it.

How any woman can hold a sign saying that "Islam is the perfect system for all mankind" escapes me.  Unless they are actually using the PC feminists usage where mankind only refers to the male of the species.

And people over here (LGF, I'm looking at you) wonder why groups such as the English Defense League are gaining traction.  If I lived in Britain, I'd probably be joining them too. They may be a "hate group", whatever that means, but at least they don't want to see us all become subject to islam and sharia.

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