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Saturday, February 27, 2016

A quick update

Which is all I have time or energy for right now.

The semester is in full swing. Thankfully two of the classes cover similar topics and are pretty easy, but they help me fill the business/finance/economics credits necessary to eventually sit the CPA exam, and they'll get me a Certificate in Customer Service which might help me land some sort of job paying better than minimum if I can't find something in accounting or book-keeping right away. I swear that no one reads the actual bullet points on a resume anymore if they see a job title they think they know. (Which reminds me, I need to completely revamp my resume, removing as many dates as possible and trying out the functional format instead of the chronological one.)

Math is easier than I'd hoped for, which is good, which leaves Intermediate Accounting II (so far not too bad, ask me again after the exam in two weeks), Federal Taxation (so far a refresher from working for HRB all those years ago, and take home exams, God bless the prof), and Business Law II, which will be a bear for the exams and grades, but is an incredibly entertaining class.

My idiot, insane harasser in WI dropped me from his latest suit, with prejudice, because one of the other defendents hired a lawyer. I'm sure there's some logic there, but I don't know what. I can only imagine that his pea-brain realized that if one of the "dim girls" hired a real pit-bull legal type, the other might too?  Who knows, and I don't really care, it's one less bit of stress and time suck for right now. Though I did have some nice options for a counterclaim if he'd continued. Maybe if I get a decent job this summer I'll consider going after him anyway.  (A girl can dream, no?)

So it's off to finish this week's Accounting homework and get caught up on my law reading while doing some spring cleaning. I have found I do more housework while studying since it's a good way to procrastinate. :)


Anonymous said...

Inquiring minds want to know which math is referenced in "Math is easier than I'd hoped for, which is good..."?

Happy to hear about the simplification of you legal life!

Library-Gryffon said...

"Math" is College Algebra, which in this case is the class right before Pre-Calc. The placement testing said that was what I should go into, but I don't need anything higher than College Algebra, and since I haven't taken any math classes since secondary school (where I got to calculus but didn't understand it), I didn't feel like pushing it.