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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Place minder

So, I'm madly applying for jobs right now, even with my shiny new degree I have to deal with being underexperienced, though at least there are more entry level accounting/bookkeeping jobs than there are library jobs at any level. And they pay enough that going geobachelor would be doable in many cases, so my job search isn't limited to just one of the worst economies in the country.

And I seem to be over the worst of my GI bug. Fevers, chills, and any more would be TMI. Let's just say it wasn't fun and it was pretty exhausting. I just slep 12 hours last night, and if I didn't have a PT appointment in an hour, I'd be going right back having eaten breakfast.

Having told ortho yesterday that the knee wasn't any better after the gel shot six weeks ago, it finally decided this morning to let me go down stairs (by which I mean backwards and with hands on the further up stairs, rather like a 45 degree ladder) using alternate legs. But since that still isn't good the only next step is surgical and I don't have the time nor the money for my share of the co-pays so I'll just muddle on as I have for the last seven years. At least it lets me check off that I have a significant mobility issue on federal applications, so maybe that will give me a little bit of a boost in the consideration process?

So, I need to get dressed, take my pain meds, and head off to PT so I can fill out all the forms for this session since it's for my neck, not my shoulder. This new place is fantastic and did more for my right shoulder in 3 months than the more traditional outfit did for the other shoulder in 9. Let's hope Melissa can work her magic on my poor degenerating neck.  Waking up because the thumb half of my hand is numb is both annoying and weird.

Maybe I can come up with some brilliant political and/or societal commentary later when I've woken up. Don't count on it. :)

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