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Monday, September 08, 2008

Public Speaking

Friday we were listening to talk radio on the way home from ice skating. The host played a clip of Obama speaking about something, and it wasn't a prepared speech. After about the fourth sentence my daughter said "He uses a lot of umms, doesn't he?".


So, even though I would vote for a dead guy before I'd vote for Obama, here is my contribution to his election campaign:

GET A SPEAKING COACH!!! Dude, you've got to lay off the umms. You will come across as much brighter if you don't use them every fourth word.

Pauses are quite acceptable.

Pauses are wise and thoughtful.

Umms are not.

1 comment:

Janie B said...

Resistance is futile...


Sorry, something came over me.

I've noticed that some people simply cannot abide a moment of silence. God forbid they might have a moment to contemplate a thought deeper than the current conversation. They fill every pause with a drawn out "ummmm".