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Saturday, December 08, 2012

A Mindless Saturday.

It's finally Saturday.  I think I've figured out the meds (had to cut the Toprol dose in half, I was so sleepy), I had good solid, long, sleep last night, I've started picking up the kitchen and living room, and taking apart the old guinea pig pen, and in between, I'm playing stupid facebook games, logic puzzles, and watching really bad SyFy channel horror movies.

I'm always amazed that when something is falling towards someone they back straight up, when two steps sideways and they'd be clear.

So far, we've watched methane causing earthquakes and flash freezing people, a snow globe which makes things happen (with at times rather bad special effects), and later on, they will be showing their new for this year piece of Christmas disaster porn, which seems to have the same girl in it as last year's. But it has Ed Quinn, so at least the eye candy will be good.

And hopefully tomorrow, I'll get my piano.

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