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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Still irritated

I'm still not feeling very charitable today.  The joys of living in Connecticut where our legislators have succumbed to the dreaded "we have to do *something*!" disease.  They are planning to effectively criminalize every legal gun owner by doing stuff that won't do a damn to stop another school shooting, but "It's for the children!".  And it makes them feel better.  Heck, most of law enforcement is telling them this is a bad idea.  And even though they are supposed to vote on it today, as of yesterday morning the legislation hadn't even be written for them to read so they'd know what they were voting on.  Though if that's good enough for DC, I suppose it's good enough for Hartford.

I stopped by younger daughter's school this morning.  The guidance counselor *had* got my email, but had been too busy to respond.  In said e-mail I had told her that my schedule was wide open except for the 11th and 12th, since I'm having knee surgery on the 11th.  So today, when she says, OK, let's set a date for this meeeting (the one I was telling her dates for last week), the first one she offers is the 11th.  And then the 8th, when I'm supposed to be taking daughter for her initial therapist visit for the depression.  And after that all that's available is after Spring Break, starting on the 23rd.  So I'm rescheduling the therapist appointment, though at this point I'm going to need some for some anger management. The other counselor has still not got back to me, after THREE messages left over a two week period.

The only way anyone ever does anything is if you camp out on their door step so they have to do something to make you go away.  Have they considered that some of us have jobs we have to go to, and which we would like to keep?


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