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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Surgery, oh joy.

I was supposed to call the hospital yesterday between 2 and 5 to find out what time I was supposed to report to Same Day Surgery today.  Instead I got a call from them at about 1:30, telling me that my doctor wanted me there at 5:45.

So I packed a few things for staying at my parents' place afterwards (they have the downstairs bedroom with the bathroom right off of it, a shower big enough to put a chair in if necessary, and fewer steps to get into the house to begin with.  I overslept slightly and didn't have time to take a bath before getting the stuff into the car, and heading out.  The surgery itself seems to have gone pretty well, though afterwards they kept asking me if my throat was sore.  I finally asked why it would be and was told that for some anatomical reason they had had difficulty intubating me.  I had three surgeries under a general less than 4 years ago, and as far as I know that was never a problem before, so I'd kind of like to know what's changed in the meantime.

They called my husband to come get me around 11, and he and my mother got there before 12. We got me out to her car, got my stuff out of my car, and James took it home so that he could get ready to take the girls to their music lessons, and I headed off to the parents where I proceeded to go straight back to sleep, except for getting up around 2 to think about throwing up.  I didn't and instead woke up again at about 4:30 quite hungry.

So far I've been able to walk on the leg, but not really bend the knee, which I'm supposed to start trying to do tomorrow.  I don't know if that will be very successful given the amount of gauze and ace wrap they put on.  I've peered under it and there is a lot more blood on the gauze then I remember from last time, but they may have had to make a bigger incision to get at the cyst.  And it could just be that a little blood can go a long way.

It's nearly midnight, and the local anesthetics they gave me are starting to think about wearing off.  I don't remember being this functional on the day of surgery last time, so I'm hoping this means that tomorrow and the day after will also be much better than the corresponding days last time.  The bit of leg/knee just above the knee cap seems to be about the same size as the other leg, which is an improvement over pre-op so I'm going to use that to help convince myself that things are going better, what with mind over matter and all that. 

If I post whines tomorrow, I will have been wrong.

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