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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Amusements for the day.

I spend way too much time on MetaPicture, and found this today:

 And realized that this would also fit the NYPD, at least based on the last few shootouts I've read about. Though to be fair they did hit the guy they were aiming at.  They just hit 9 innocent bystanders too.


Tam (remotely) said...

The other people that were hit were hit by ricocheting bullet fragments, some of which had passed through the bad guy, who was standing right in front of large concrete surfaces.

Journalists don't get any more factual about guns just because it's the po-po holding them.

Library-Gryffon said...

So true, that. Guns + Press = Incorrect or Incomplete Information.

Though it still seems like rather heavy collateral damage.