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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hmmm. A few more thoughts on shooting and the media.

This made me think of my previous post, and Tam's comment on it.

Do the "news" media report on police shootings the way they do, at least in part because this is how the entertainment portion of the media treats cops and shooting?  Or do the entertainers treat police shooting ability the way they do (unless the police man is the hero of the piece) because of how the "news" folks report it?  Or option number three, they both treat law enforcement's shooting the way they do because of the some ingrained, '60s leftist or related bias?

Because yes, the police (at least in some necks of the woods) aren't as well trained as we'd like, but still.  If I am ever, God forbid, in a position where the bad guy really, really, needs to be put out of commission NOW, I'd feel that my odds of surviving the situation are a lot better if the guys and/or gals trying to do the decommissioning are LEOs or military rather than poor Joe or Jane Schmoe who's never even held a gun before.

Note that I am presuming a situation where my options are only between the police or a complete firearms neophyte, as in the movie scenario.

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