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Thursday, August 29, 2013

The new school year. Sigh.

The new school year has begun, and both girls have had their first day.

Younger started on Monday, and by Wednesday she had already changed one class.  She really doesn't want to take French anymore, and the minor detail that the class is held in a small windowless room next to the band room, during band practice, might have had something to do with it.  I'm sure that my migraines would get worse.  She's got four years of high school including this year, and only needs two years of a language, so that's fine.  At least she seems to have a good history teacher (they put her in AP American History, and she's already decided that most of the class are idiots - she was the only one who could name even half the original 13 colonies.  Teacher: "can anyone else raise their hand?")

Elder started yesterday.  She's mostly doing the internet based courses, going to a session at the central office every day for two hours so that there's a tutor around to help with stuff she's not sure about.  But she is also going to the high school every other day in the morning for a chemistry course and chorus.  I do have to call guidance about the chemistry, because it's the chemistry for folks who just need another science course, and she's going to be bored to tears by it.

But I also have to call because today I got the robo-call from attendance to let me know that as of 9:30 this morning my child has been marked absent.  This is not surprising as my child is not supposed to be there today.  She doesn't want to sit in the library for six hours, and I somehow doubt they want her doing that either.  And I really, really, don't want to get these calls every other day for the entire school year.

But hey, four days into younger's school year, and she hasn't missed one yet.  If we can just continue like this so as not to repeat last year's disaster.....

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