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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pettiness. Sometimes we just need some.

Ok, I found this picture over at MOTUS's place.  It's from 2009, and at least in the last few years, for 9-11 ceremonies anyway, FLOTUS is wearing something a little more somber, but still nowhere near black.

I really fail to understand the high wide belt.  I don't think shes' wearing them as much now, thank God.  But all it does is make her look somewhat weeble-ish.  It emphasizes her smaller breasts and larger belly.  Some times and cultures have found large bellies and hips attractive, having to do with the fertility implications.  This culture is not one of them.  Some of us are just built that way, but careful clothing choice and tailoring can de-emphasize those traits.  This is not careful tailoring.  And who wears a black leather belt OVER a coat it was not designed for?

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