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Monday, November 18, 2013

Bad news and its silver lining.

The bad news.  I got downsized on Thursday morning.  I've known that my job was not secure, but all the librarians in the new multihospital group figured we had a bit of time, and we were making our case for why they needed more than two or three librarians for 5 hospitals, three of them teaching.  But HR and the bean counters won the day.

From when HR showed up at my office to when I was being shivvied out the door was less than 10 minutes.  I had to make an appointment to come back later to clear my office out.  They wouldn't even let me sign out of the ILL module and forward on the requests I was working on.  Someone someplace else is going to be upset as these things sit in limbo for three working days.  The three other librarians who are being let go got 30 days notice and a severance package.  I'm getting a severance package too, but only two weeks pay in lieu of notice.  This is supposedly because the hospitals haven't completely merged yet, and I fall under different HR rules.  Which seems a bit odd, because the HR department has supposedly been consolidated.


I am sad that I don't have a job, and so far I've only found two or three jobs within commuting distance to apply for, and the others would all require relocating, probably without the family until at least this coming summer.

I am ecstatic that I no longer work for that company.

I'd noticed recently that when I took off the lanyard with my badge at the end of the day, it was like getting rid of a 10 pound weight. I've been unhappy there for a while, although with the reorganization, it was looking like I might actually get to do more and be more than a glorified file clerk.  To add insult to injury, the day after I was let go, on the radio and in the paper, I find out that I was middle or upper management.  Since my job may have required an MLS, but was classified as administrative and clerical support staff, I'm a little confused.  Did I get promoted after I was fired?

More importantly, can I put this on my resumé?

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