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Monday, November 18, 2013

Life in the multiverse

Within the last week I've watched or read two things discussing the idea of alternate universes, multiverses, whatever.  The first was over at AccordingToHoyt, where several of the commenters discussed their own experiences slipping back and forth, or at least that was how it seemed to them, as well as being the best explanation for how things ended up where you knew you hadn't left them.  You just slip over into the next universe where the you there had made that slight change.

Tonight on Netflix, I've been watching Prophets of Science Fiction, and more to the point the episode on Philip K. Dick.

This past weekend I was trying to find my fleece jacket.  I distinctly remember coming into the house and taking it off, because it was just a bit too cool outside for me to have left it in the car.  After both I and my husband spent five minutes scouring the downstairs for it, I gave up, went out to the car, and there it was on the passenger seat.

Now that could just be put down to bad memory.

But yesterday I went down to the basement to check the bubble on the boiler.  Whenever I go down to do that I always check the level in the fuel tank.  I rounded the corner to the boiler, looked over at the tank, and panicked because the bubble thingy wasn't there.  When I went over to the tank to check the damage and see if I could figure out how it had been knocked off I found it, a quarter of the way further down the tank, right next to the intake pipe.  You can't read it from any distance where it currently is, but I've always been able to see it from the other side of the boiler.  There are boxes making it hard to stand next to where it currently is, but I stood right next to it just a few weeks ago when I was confirming that the level was half-way down, as it appeared from across the room.

An alternate universe is the only logical explanation.

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RG said...

Harmonics when two Ghaldron-Hesthor paratime transposition fields overlap slightly. Theoretically you could get a portal permitting a micro transposition between time bands. I think Dhergabar University has a research facility in that area. Of course it could be that your basement was always been in a different time band before and one of the fields was shut down or recalibrated breaking the harmonic link and now you enter the basement that's actually in this time band.