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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Migraine Sunday - I'll think of a better title later

Woke up this morning to a head full of ache.  I first thought it might be my sinuses which are still getting used to the idea of having air pass through them, and right now the house air is very dry.  But two cups of coffee and 4 advil, and it's only slightly better, and I'm rather queasy with some odd fleeting visual disturbances, so migraine it is.

I called the church to let them know that they needed to find a another reader for the second reading today, and have settled in to peer at the computer screen and mostly do puzzles to try to distract me from the only slowly fading pain.  I started to type "discomfort", but it's not down to that level yet.  At that level I go on with my normal routine.

And I did some more digging on the term moldwarp or mouldwarp (I've even seen mouldiewarp).  I've been using it for our favorite internet troll and adjudicated cyberstalker, because while it means mole, it gets associated with folks who grub in the dirt, and sometimes with lack of intelligence.

Today I found this, a legend of the Mouldwarp, on a Tudor discussion forum:

According to the verse prophecy, the sixth king after King John (Henry was, in fact, the twelfth) would be the Mole or Mouldwarp, a hairy man with a hide like goatskin whose fate it was first to be greatly praised by his people, then " cast down with sin and with pride."  After his fall, the Mouldwarp was to "lead all his life/In war and in trouble and in much strife," condemned by the vengeance of God to wage a losing battle for his kingdom.  In the end he would to down to defeat amid scenes of gore and destruction - his castles fallen, the rivers red with the blood of his vanquished armies, the very hills sundered in two with dread - and would flee like a coward to end his life in exile on a lonely island.  England would be finally given over to the Mouldwarp's enemies, and would be knows thereafter as "the land of conquest."
The parallels are more apt than I thought when I picked the term.  Right now this man is leading his life in trouble and strife, waging a losing battle for relevance and his friend Brett Kimberlin.  If he can't swallow his pride, he will go down, and go down hard, because based on what he's doing (or at least saying he's doing) he could be looking at potential jail time for threats, stalking, failing to obey a restraining order, etc., etc., etc.

So, now I'm going to go back to doing number logic puzzles which actually don't require too much thinking and no spelling.

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