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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring! (maybe)

Just so this blog doesn't look like I died...

We seem to have finally had spring arrive in our neck of the woods. The rest of the country may have had the warmer winter than usual to make the AGW folks happy, but we missed it and saw more snow this year and last than most of the previous decade put together.  We had frost the day after Spring was official.  But our daffadils are finally starting to poke their heads up though no blooms yet.  It's time to shift the bunny hutch so we can dig out the rest of the winter's fertilizer production, and add some more blocks underneath to raise it a bit further.  They will probably complain bitterly because it will make it harder for them to interact with the local wildlife. But for today at least they are happy lying flat like little fur rugs soaking up the sun.

I'm procrastinating, having five exams in five classes this week.  I swear that university and college types get together and decide to put all their exams the same week every time. I'm hoping to get my summer and fall registration done tomorrow or the next day, though this summer will be online and the two courses will be at two different institutions from my home college, though at least part of the same system.  I think the state would save a lot of money if they'd make the community colleges one big instutition with 12 campuses rather than 12 separate colleges.  The registration system is already integrated; you can check for courses on all 12 sites at once.  The state university system isn't as integrated, but at least there are only 4 of them. I'll have to take one course there, at more per credit than the community college charges for the whole course.  But at least I don't have to take any from the flagship university, which costs nearly twice the state university charges.  I'm so glad my youngest was accepted into the local middle college program and will graduate from high school with a college transcript and 20 or more credits.

I won't go on about the shoulder issue right now except to say that my current ortho is talking surgery.  I demanded another MRI to assess the changes from last fall before the current problems; I don't want anyone going in essentially on spec, especially when it will probably leave me functionally one armed for two months or more.  I'm also looking for a second opinion, preferable from someone who specializes in shoulders.

So now I'll try to get back onto the review work, and some more pain meds.  I suppose I should be happy so much I have to do right now is not on the computer, making this sort of procrastination harder. 8)

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