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Saturday, January 09, 2016


is good, and I want a lot more of it.

I would also love a day or two when I'm not putting over 50 miles on my car. Please Lord let the husband's car repairs be finished soon!

Today, unless the weather turns nasty sooner than anticipated, I'm driving four teenagers 60 miles to the zoo for younger daughter's birthday. Then I drive them home, and do a 20+ mile round trip to get them dinner. At least the sleepover is at my parents' home. My father was trying to convince my mother yesterday that she had to hide all the liquour. My daughter just shook her head, since she and one of the other girls will take small sips occasionally and the other kids can't stand the stuff. As my mother says, they're not exactly party animals. Their idea of a wild night is pizza and videos.

But at least I can sleep in tomorrow, and then my husband and I are going to have a slightly belated anniversary dinner out. 22 years, and we haven't tried to kill each other once. We haven't considered divorce even once. Is it a perfect fairy tale marriage? No, but then I don't think those exist. It's a good one, and I'm glad for it.

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