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Friday, January 15, 2016

The joys of allegedly being sued for butthurt

I went to the doctor yesterday to see what we can do about all my stress related symptoms which have cropped up in the last month since my favorite internet based troll announced that he was going to sue everyone whose IRL particulars he knew for his butthurt. He has since announced that I am on the list although I have not yet been served.

Since this announcement my sleep has been terrible (see the last post); most nights I'm lucky if I can get four or five hours, usually broken. I'm also finding that I'm short tempered, totally uninterested in all my usual hobbies, and easily started on hour long crying jags; all classic signs of depression. I'm also either eating a lot or not at all, neither of which is good for losing weight.

The PA I saw at my primary care practice recommended that I try melatonin (which I forgot to pick up yesterday, memory issues also related to depression), as well as starting me on Prozac. I haven't had to take that in years, and the last time I went to a therapist (except for some support group sessions for parents of children with depression/anxiety issues) was at least six or seven years ago. But I've got an appointment with one next week and we'll see how it goes. I go back to my PCP in three weeks and we'll make plans from there. There is a local psychiatrist who is also trained in functional medicine so I may see if he takes my insurance.

Spring semester starts next Thursday, so that should help distract me. I will never understand why most colleges and universities, if they only offer the class on federal taxes once a year insist on doing it in the spring. Fall semester would make far more sense, so that the students who work for CPAs and tax preparation firms already have the new stuff under their belt before they start work.

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ukuleledave said...

I can suggest Melatonin. It helps, but is not as effective as the prescribed stuff like Ambien.

One thing to remember is that trolls are gutless, and this one doubly so.