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Friday, October 07, 2016

PSA -- Get Your Flu Shot!!

For the two people who check this blog occasionally: Get Your Flu Shot!!

I was on Base this afternoon to pick up some scripts and saw the sign for the annual flu clinic. It was a really slow day, so I and my daughter were in and out in only about 10 minutes.

The one year I couldn't get a flu shot was back in '00-'01. The base never got enough for even all the active duty and by the time I started working at the hospital in January, they were out too.

It started as a mild bronchitis which probably set me up to get flu. I remember watching the stupid OTC med ads where some idiot is standing under an umbrella in the rain and whining "I have the flu and I feel miserable". All I could do was quietly wheeze at the TV "You don't have the flu! You're standing up!" I have never hurt so much in so many places (all over actually) for so long. I'd rather go through labor and delivery without meds again that that.

What is worse than the flu is the pneumonia that is a known complication, and which, of course, I caught. And of course just as I was getting better from that I developed pleurisy. In the middle of a blizzard.

All told I was out of commission for well over a month. I can now see how the Spanish Flu was able to kill so many people, even otherwise young and healthy persons.

Tl;dr  Get Your Flu Shot!

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