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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Ah, Bureaucracy!

I'm finally getting around to switching from the local cable company for TV, internet, and phone, to NO TV,  Comcast for a higher speed cable internet, and a basic metered land line with ATT.  They finally have a package for under $15 a month with tax for a line, but you pay 3.5 cents a minute for all local calls.  Since we use our land line for maybe 15 minutes of calls a month, this is still less money than we're paying the cable company or would pay ATT for the next level with free local calling.

Everything was going fine until we came to the address for service.
ATT: "Are you at Unit A or Unit B?"
Me: "There are no units, it's a single family dwelling."
ATT: "But our 911 files show two units."
Me: There is only one unit.  There has only ever been one bathroom in this house, so I don't see how it could ever have had a second unit.
ATT: "We have to go by the 911 files."
Me: "?"
ATT: "Maybe there was a second phone line at some point?"
Me: "That would explain the second set of lines coming out of the house on the other side from the ones going to the street, the ones that are no longer hooked up to the street, and which I've been meaning to cut off since they are coiled under the front porch right now."
ATT: "Well, we'll put down no unit number and see what happens, but we may have to call you again."
Me: "OK."  /sigh

This is the third time I've been through this with them in two days.

I should call Mike back and ask if there is an e-mail address I can send a copy of the town tax roll and/or GIS info to to show that there is only one physical unit at that address.

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