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Thursday, February 07, 2013

"OMG! Is that snow? We're all going to die!"

I wish I could find that picture, supposedly it's a real road sign, not a photoshop, seen in Texas a year or so ago.  But it certainly describes how everyone around here acts when they hear the word "SNOW".

The .gov has upgraded the Winter Storm Watch to a Blizzard Watch, telling us "...A POTENTIAL HISTORIC WINTER STORM AND BLIZZARD IS EXPECTED TO DROP 1 TO 2 FEET OF SNOW ACROSS MUCH OF THE REGION FRIDAY INTO SATURDAY..." Of course, "much of the region" probably means a line starting at least a few miles north of our house.  But it also means that we'll probably be lucky if the kids even have a half day of school tomorrow.  And just as my younger girl is starting to go back to school again after almost 2 months of various illnesses.  I really want her to be able to go regularly, and get back into the habit, and we just don't need this.

I should stop and stock up this evening, just to be sure, though we have plenty of TP at home, and I don't eat bread.  One friend has always wondered why everyone always buys eggs when it looks like we might have power outages.  Either they are planning to hardboil them all in advance, or else they like the idea of having something which they can look at but not eat?  Or else they all like making bread pudding after the whole thing is over.

This is New England.  Until the last few decades we expected to get lots of snow.  We need to get used to it again.

I wonder how short the town's budget for snow removal will be this year.  Every year that I've been involved with the budget process, we've ended up doing a 4th quarter transfer to cover a serious shortfall.  And every year they keep the budget at the same level as the year before.  At some point, they really need to fix this.  Maybe ask for the average of the previous 4 years actual expenses?

I should probably ask my boss for a day off tomorrow.  I'm a librarian, so while my hospital badge will supposedly allow me to drive on the roads, even if they've been closed, I don't think the Staties would really consider me emergency personnel.


RG said...

Did you survive? Should we send flowers or St. Bernards?

Library-Gryffon said...

We don't actually need either, though some professional snow removal folks for the driveway would be nice... 8)