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Sunday, February 10, 2013

We survived!

Not that it was hard.  We did lose power for about five hours on Friday evening, but not enough for the house to cool down below 60.  We had parked the cars one behind the other, rather than side by side, which made clearing out enough drive so my husband could go to work today easy enough.  I tried to finish up the little bit behind my car after his left and discovered that the bottom third was more like a hard frozen slushy than snow, so I only got about half of it done before my asthma decided I had done enough for the morning, so I didn't make it to church.  The husband and girls have finished clearing that bit out as well as our front walk, so if there is mail delivery tomorrow we will get it.  But we do have to find our rubbish bins before Wednesday, since they are where the snow all got pushed (one neighbor has a plowing business, and when he saw my daughter working on the heavy stuff at the end of the drive yesterday, he made a few passes and cleared it off - we have nice neighbors).  But away from the drifts we didn't get more than about a foot.  However there is no school again tomorrow, probably because so many areas still aren't plowed, and I imagine they are worried about the ice that will form tonight after so much stuff has melted, but had no where to go.

I'll get some of my husband's pictures to post later today, but this is from the local dairy queen at the corner down from our house.  My husband took this picture Friday evening around 5pm.

I wonder if that was intentional, since they only opened of Thursday.

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