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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I've come down with something, and it's supposed to snow again.

In spite of my best efforts, my family has proved that I did a good job teaching them to share.  I am sitting hiding in my office at work quickly going through the box of tissues on my desk.  Thankfully I have a new box out in the car.  If I stick it out much to lunch time, I'm sure I'll have to go out and get it.

And they are threatening us with another one to three inches of snow tonight.  My younger daughter's school may be closed again, since a lot of the streets in that town are only just starting to get plowed out today.

I slept very poorly last night.  My husband went to bed early, which should have told me he wasn't feeling great, since today is one of his days off.  I got up there, read for a few minutes, and as soon as I turned my light off he started snoring.  Even on his side.  Even after I poked him to get him to move.  And when he wasn't snoring, it was because he wasn't breathing.  After a few seconds he would start up again with a noise fit to wake the dead.  And I was neither dead, nor even asleep. I didn't get to sleep myself until well after 1am, woke up twice during the night, and had to get up at 6.

I'm debating heading home; I have around 4 weeks of vacation time.  But I have to schedule knee arthroscopy for later this year, and if it goes like last time, though it shouldn't, I'll be out for at least three weeks.  But the knee has started keeping me up or waking me up at night, and it's started buckling for no particular reason again, and it's about half again the size of the other knee.  The MRI from last week showed lots of arthritis, possible re-tearing of the medial meniscus (the one that was torn last time), definite tearing of the lateral meniscus, and a 2cm cyst under the patella.  I don't think conservative treatment will work very well on this.

And my new computer at work as decided that it has to have an HP pop-up every hour or so asking me if I would like the Software Update to check for updates now.  If it were my computer I'd do it, if only to get the damn thing to shut up.  But as it is, I have absolutely no admin rights on this thing, and MIS seems to think there is no way to tell it to go away.  Grrrr.

And I'm still running an outdated browser, although we are at least up to Windows 7 for the OS (only just replacing XP) and Office '07 from '03.  Not that I'm one to talk about Office.  My new laptop didn't come with Office or even Office starter with the ads.  So I've got Open Office, and for those times when you just need an MS product, I've installed my nice copy of '97.  It does what I need it to, and it's not like I'm sharing files so getting a newer version isn't a high financial priority.

I'm going to go back and continue hunting for obscure articles for my patrons, and hope that my nose survives the afternoon.

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