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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Post-Op Day 12

I had my first post-op PT session yesterday. It wasn't as not-fun as I'd thought it might be, but it was not-fun.  I've lost some range of motion, though not as much as my PT guy had expected (probably because I'd already started doing some very gentle stretching on my own), and stretching it out hurts.  My PT guy has requested the op notes from the surgeon's office, which required me signing a release because his name wasn't specifically in their files.  Damn HIPAA, because he didn't need a release what with being one of my medical providers for this particular issue, but many providers have gone overboard on requiring patient releases because of that damned law.  He agreed that unless the op notes showed something very different from my understanding of what was done, avoiding using the sling as much as possible is the better plan.  I just find that the sling is actually more uncomfortable than no sling most of the time.

On a much lighter note, this means that there is a good chance I'll be able to drive by sometime in early July, so I can start job hunting again.

As it is, I'm sitting on the sofa listening to the sirens go by on the main road and watching my cat in the bay window as he loses it every time a bird goes by.  He has this hysterical little a-a-a-a noise he makes when they tease him. My husband has today off, so we're going to get caught up on dishes and laundry, most of which require the pushing, pulling and/or lifting I still can't do so, surprise, we've gotten a little behind. Once that's done, I'm going to make liver and onions and bacon with mash for dinner.  Which reminds me we need to order more Beef Roast seasoning from Penzey's.

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