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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Today's the big day.

Bathed, dressed, and ready to head off to the hospital in a few minutes.  Yay!

Of course I haven't had enough sleep, but then it's not like I have to do anything myself, except lie there asleep.

I wonder how long the nerve block is going to last. It can be up to 24 hours. I would just like to avoid pain as much as possible.


Anonymous said...

I trust all will go well - we'll be thinking of you as you undergo the operation and recovery.

The nerve blocks have improved over the past few years - I had a tendon repair and they set up a softball-size reservoir of anesthetic that kept the nerve block going for 14 hours.

I personally found that quickly getting of the narcotics they seem to prescribe for operations like yours was a good thing - the side effects are not fun.

Library-Gryffon said...

Thanks for the good wishes!

I'm already dropping the percocet since I'm not getting any real benefit. I did like the block though I only got less than 16 hours before it was completely worn off.