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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Post-Op Day 6

I saw my doctor yesterday about the fall. She checked out the arm, and the verdict is that I didn't seem to have done any damage to it, so I don't need to go in on Friday for my post-op check, and I'll go back in three weeks, which will be after 2+ weeks of physical therapy. So I think the take-away from this is that, if it doesn't hurt, I might as well do it.

So I've stopped wearing the sling around the house, which allows me to move the elbow and hands much more easily, as well as keep my balance better.  I saw my GP today about the increase in my idiopathic peripheral edema, and the best advice she can give is that all my labs and other tests look fine, so I really just need to lose weight. Even if I don't lose weight, if I get more active the swelling should improve, which I did notice after walking to the local mini-mart. So I guess I need to find my Reeboks and start taking a daily walk as well as using the Wii.

I can already move almost as much without pain as before the surgery, so PT should now actually increase my movement and strength rather than have to just focus on keeping the joint from freezing. All told, so far at least, this is going much, much better than I feared it might.

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