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Friday, May 22, 2015

Time to prep

So, school news first.
On Monday I was able to check the grade for Finance, and since I managed to get an A on the final, that was an A for the entire course.  I got an email from my Accounting prof to let me know that I had been given a 95 on the project (a few minor issues, but as he said at the last class, if anyone got everything right about it, they should be up teaching the class rather than taking it), and a 92 on the final (which meant I got to drop the exam with the 87), for an average of 95 something, and another A.  I finished the Quickbooks review, took the exam, and when I checked it Tuesday morning, I'd alsso managed an A in that class.  That left Statistics, but I had to wait until after the last day of class to see the uploaded grade in the unofficial online transcript.  Sadly, that was only an A-. Awwww.

Now I get to concentrate on prepping the house for surgery and getting younger child through her Geometry, Algebra II, and some grammar before the start of school in the fall. I was able to get an unofficial copy of her high school transcript, and they've double counted some stuff, and not given credit for other stuff, but when I added in her home school stuff, she's not doing too badly, and if we get through all the stuff for the summer, she'll be in great shape for next year.

I need to do a fair bit of work to get the house ready for surgery, and of course now that classes are done and I don't have anything else to procrastinate from, it's much harder to find the will power.  Typical. I tried the pain med I was given for pre-op, and I'm not taking that one ever again. The nausea and headache were/are terrible, and there's no real pain relief.

I've got an appointment with elder child and her ortho in a little bit to see if her upper spine curve is behaving, or if it's why she's having so many shoulder and neck issues lately.  If it's the problem, I hope we can still use Children's.

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