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Sunday, May 10, 2015


is something I'm usually pretty good at.  

I procrastinated on my Finance paper until 8 hours before it had to be uploaded. I spent 5 hours writing three pages (I did have an outline already) on a topic I know next to nothing about.  That final portion of the project was worth 60 points. (The earlier sections were 5 points for chosing an acceptable topic, 10 points for the title page, abstract, and outline, annd 25 points for the first draft/portion of the paper - I got 40 out of 40.) The final paper was to be at least 5 pages long. My 1st draft submission was over that.  I needed to finish the last sections, because I still don't really write drafts, I write the paper, or at least each section, in one go, and then I copyedit. So anyways, after 5 hours I had an 8 page paper in APA format with lots of inline citations, a corrected outline, because of course it changed a bit as I wrote it, a slightly changed bibliography, because I used some things I didn't know about at the beginning, and I didn't bother with some stuff I had included, and the original abstract and title page for a total of 112 pages.

5 hours work got me 60 points out of 60.

I really can't decide if this is because I'm just that good at writing papers, or if it is saying something about the quality of paper expected at the undergraduate level these days. Or maybe it's a bit of both.
Not that I really care, I got the grade.

So now I'm down to studying for the accounting and statistics in-class finals; at least stats isn't cumulative. And I have two online tests to take. I was going to start all the studying on Friday. It's now Sunday. Oops.

I hope to have everything done by Thursday night so I can spend the whole weekend sleeping or Netflixing except when I have to chauffeur my kid someplace at the Steampunk World's Fair. After that I can take real pain meds for my shoulder until the surgery; it's not like I have to worry about being charged with housecleaning under the influence.

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