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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Slowly, slowly...

Two finals down, and one more tonight, leaving just two. I'll take one online tomorrow and try to get the other out on Saturday, but I've got until Monday evening for that one.

I spent a busy morning today getting my car its oil & lube, tire rotation, and a new cabin air filter.  Then I spent an exciting hour at the DMV getting my new license. Lord but CT is expensive. $72 for six years. The photo doesn't hide the pudge, but at least I look like I'm alive, rather than something that was poorly embalmed a few months back. And then over to the outpatient lab center for my pre-op workup of blood and an EKG.  I had to fill out a full H&P, again.  It would be so much easier for me if the hospital would just give me a print out of my last one with spaces for changes.  Really, I haven't had any new surgeries since the last one done there.  I suppose I should be happy that (at least so far) they've only asked me to fill it out once. For one of the last two surgeries I gave up when it happened a fourth time, and just wrote in big letters "SEE PHYSICIAN'S COPY!!". I had done one for the surgeon, one for the OR, one for anesthesia, and I don't remember who the last one was for.  They never got back to me to complain, so I have to wonder if anyone even looked at it.

I had the pre-op with the surgeon yesterday. Apparently what radiology calls tears is, in my case, more like fraying hems. So if it turns out to really be that I won't be immoblized for weeks, and will be able to use my elbow and wrist pretty much from day one. On the other hand she may get in there and find it looks very, very different. I'll only know for sure when I wake up and find out whether I'm in a sling or immobilized in lots of black strapping.

So, back to last minute studying and notecard creation.....

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