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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The end is nigh!

At least of the semester.

I'm finished with microeconomics. I got a 95 on the last test (it would have been higher but I reversed two numbers, though at least I remembered what they were) so my average for the semester is over a 93 for the A, and I don't need to do the take home cumulative final to get one of the earlier test grades dropped.

Last night saw the accounting company financials presentations, and my group didn't do too badly; we went over the last test after handing in the answer sheet so know I missed 4 out of 42. I'm kicking myself because one of the answers was obvious if I'd read the question one more time. It was one of those where you are given a fair bit of extraneous data, and I didn't get rid of quite enough.  But I've also got the trial balance project completely done, as well as the school's accreditation exam, so all I've got to do is show up next week after doing some (relatively thorough review) and I may not even have to take the cumulative final in this class either.

So.  All that's left is going over the last three chapters of Quickbooks for the online exam which opens on the 12th, finish the last chapter and it's homework in Principles of Finance, and review for the online exam, which opens on the 12th, and study like mad for the Statistics final on the 14th. At least class tomorrow night will be completely review.

On the 15th I drive down to the Steampunk World's Fair with my eldest, and other than chauferring her (which may not be too necessary as the hotel we're staying at is a satelite Con hotel so there may be at least some limited shuttle service) I should be able to sleep.  Especially as I'm going to ask my doctor at the pre-op appointment on the 13th for some decent pain meds. 6 hours broken sleep a night is getting ... interesting. And not in a good way.

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