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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Acts of war

The last time I checked, killing an ambassador was unequivocally an act of war.  The only possible response if a country wanted to be taken seriously was to flatten the offending nation.

Obama does not want us to be taken seriously.  We will probably continue to apologize for upsetting Moslem sensibilities by having a film which accurately portrays quotes from their supposedly "holy" book.

After 9-11 we should have ignored the fact that we are supposedly allied with the Saudis and flattened Medina, with the message proclaimed loud and proud that the next time a moslem hurt a single american hair we would do worse to Mecca.

Of course, if we had just not listened to Colin Powell and had gone straight through to Bagdad back in 1991, the Islamic world would view us as a "strong horse", and a country to be sucked up to rather than conquered.

I fear for the world my daughters are going to have to live in.

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