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Monday, September 17, 2012

Explosions in Iran?

This is potentially quite interesting.  Not enough, but a good start.  I love how the Iranian is complaining about the "integrity" of the IAEA. Really, when did they last have any to complain about?

So the question is, is this going to be "it" for now, or is it just a start?  I'm reading that all flights out of Ben Gurion are booked, and lots of retired military and intelligence folks are looking to get their families out of Israel for the time being.

Mostly I hope that this, whatever this is, will be enough to at least apply some breaks until we can hopefully get a few people in DC who have more common sense than God gave marshmallows, given that the current lot seem to have been seriously missing when it was being handed out.

A small bit of me just wishes things would blow up properly, and let us get on with dealing with the problem.  Someplace I was reading comparisons between slavery and Islam; in the lead up to the Civil War, the feeling was that it could be contained, and if so, it would wither and die, a sentiment on both sides of the argument.  The author was suggesting that something similar might work for Islam, satisfying as "Grants March Through Cairo" would be on the visceral level. The problem with that argument is that containment didn't work on slavery, witness the Civil War, and I suspect that it would be even less likely to work with Islam. And yes, Grant's March Through Cairo sounds like an excellent idea.

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