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Thursday, September 13, 2012

I should post something, but....

I'm tired.  I'm frustrated.  I'm at home and my MacBook is acting up, though it works fine on the wi-fi at work, and my mini just seems so small and tiny.  I'm also starting to get used to Mac macros, and a slightly larger keyboard, so sometimes my fingers do some odd things.

Mostly, everything I want to say has been said by plenty of others, and more eloquently.  I've added my 2 cents at Rachel's and Buttercup's and Misha's, and really, how many times do I need to state the obvious? We needed  have marines at all our stations, never relying on the locals, we needed to get our guys out, especially since I'm now reading that we had warnings about these attacks a week in advance, (not to mention the Libyan telling us that he was warning the Mr. Stevens about security issues that morning), we need to make a few heads roll, though I understand that the government in Libya is actually apologetic, seemingly sincerely, but nothing from Cairo, or any of the other places.

We've been messing up the middle east for decades now, and the problem would seem to be that we have forgotten the first rule of diplomacy:  you don't support regime change unless you are damn sure that the new regime will be a better friend to your country than the old one.  So Mubarak.  Nice guy?  Probably not really.  Political "friend"? Yes.  New regime. Nice guy(s)? No. Political "friend"? Definitely not.  So what have we gained? Nothing!  We have lost even more credibility with other regimes in the area, as it becomes more and more obvious that you can't trust the US farther than you can throw us.  Add in that we are obviously weak, which in Islamic terms is an open invitation for murder and mayhem, and I think we can call our current foreign policy and state department unmitigated disasters.

But God forbid we let that hick from Alaska anywhere near the levers of power, she's just plain stupid!


I'm going to head off and see if I can get my Mac working better now that I've completely rebooted it.

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