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Friday, September 07, 2012

When you've lost the Daily Show.... where in I vent, and really wish I had a stiff drink.

Ø seems to have lost the Daily Show.  I admit that while I don't go out of my way to watch it, I've usually enjoyed the bits I've seen, because even at it's most pro-Democrat, Stewart didn't seem to be mean the way folks like Bill Maher were.  There have also been more than a few times when he seemed to be trying to poke fun at the administration, but something, whether his network, or his own personal biases, was holding him back.  I also never got the feeling that he was hiding his personal feelings on the matter to try and come across as neutral.

But since the DNC convention started Stewart seems to be really going to town.  I wonder if he and his writers are getting out all the pent up frustration of the last four years now that they're finally allowed to mock Ø, in spite of his "historicalness".

My parents still seem to be totally in the tank, Ø inherited a much worse mess than we expected, you can't trust anyone who fact checks the White House, even if it's part of the MSM, etc., etc., etc.  I called  them earlier about something and heard Daddy have hissy fits in the background over the employment figures.  I may have misunderstood what my mother was saying, but it seemed that he was upset because the media wasn't buying the White House's rose picture of how getting people out of the job market so that the U-3 figure goes down is a good thing.

If, God willing, we get an R in the White House as well as an R congress, it will be interesting to see their cognitive dissonance, especially if the economy picks up faster than expected.  Mother's take is that she almost hopes Romney wins so we can see how bad things really are, and that he can't fix it any faster than Ø has.  Of course if R/R win in November, I expect the economy to start taking off immediately, the same way that it tanked as soon as Ø won in '08.  Of course Bush was responsible for that tanking, because he was still president, and a Democratic Party controlled Congress, and the knowledge that a far left/marxist sympathizing (at best) President was going to take over in two months couldn't have had anything to do with it.  Likewise if we see improvements after November but before swearing R/R in, it will all be due to Ø's fantastic policies, and we should have just given him that extra four years.


They will never admit that JFK was probably to the right of Romney; although they idolize JFK, they've been brainwashed to assume that the Dems have always been as they are now, and that that is always best for anyone who isn't a millionaire, and why would anyone who isn't a millionaire want to vote against their personal interests?  These are the same people who when I pointed out where things were going with the passing of ObamaCare, told me that there was no way companies would stop providing employee health insurance because they want to keep good workers.  (Of course they'll also agree that companies don't give a crap about their employees because they just want the profits.)  I've shown them the articles where benefits companies tell how 50% or more of their clients are planning or at least considering dropping benefits and dumping their employees on the exchanges.

I wonder if they'll pay all my other bills when work drops coverage, and the government unilaterally changes their contract with my Navy retiree husband and starts making us pay for our Tricare, to the tune of what we'd have to pa on the exchange, which for us is 9.5% of our total income, which will be over $7000, up from my current $2K and his free.  I don't know about anyone else but we don't have a spare $100 a week lying around and of course there will still be significant co-pays and stuff we need like new glasses for growing girls that isn't covered. As it is, if we don't get an extension on the Evil Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich Only (TM) and the SS deductions go back up that 2%, we'll be seeing at least $50 less a week after January, not to mention gas going up, oil going up, groceries going up, etc., etc., etc.  And if, God forbid, all this were to come to pass, they would never believe that their vote choices might have had anything to do with it.

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