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Thursday, September 20, 2012

More not the news

We didn't get the shrubbery finished by a long shot yesterday, but we did get a fair bit of the dirt fill in.  My comment to the husband? "If anything can get to the piggies through that dirt, wire, and those rocks, I don't want to meet it without a shotgun."

The bushes are still in their pots, but hopefully we can get the rest of the dirt pile moved into the frame by this weekend to plant them.  I had also used some of the fence posts from the section of privacy fence we had taken down (because it was so badly installed, that parts of it were falling over), and propped up the remaining fence, one prop against the posts on either side of the shrubbery.  I'll get some hardward and bolt them in place later, and get a panel of trellis to affix to the front on so that it's somewhat more decorative from the street.  The post that's at the middle of the back wall of the shrubbery got a very large pointy rock driven in next to the post on the leaning side so that it's staying pretty much straight too.  Of  course to do that I had to move the neighbors' sun tent thingy, which they had staked down so close to the leaning fence that I couldn't push the posts upright.  No-one was home at the time.  I wonder if/when they'll notice.

So I'm back at work, with an AWOL brain, which is sad, because I've got to get one of my docs a bibliography on brain death and hypothermia, and I'm just not having any ability to put something coherent together for him....


Buttercup said...

My comment to the husband? "If anything can get to the piggies through that dirt, wire, and those rocks, I don't want to meet it without a shotgun."

LORD! That's some privacy hedge. Love it.

Do you raise pigs? Forgive me if I should know better than to ask that question. I'm a moron.

Library-Gryffon said...

No, no pigs, though I hope to have chickens next year or the year after.

We've had quite a few guinea pig over the last few years, and several died after we moved to the new house. You can't dig more than about 6 inches deep in any part of my yard without power tools, so on corner of our freezer had been turned into a slowly growing morgue until we were able to build a surround and start filling in the previous owner's attempt at a koi pond. The rabbit fence was my husband's idea to make sure nothing tried to disturb them, and we weighted the edges with some very large rocks (which seems to be what gardens around here are very good at producing). We've got a lot of the dirt pile shifted in and tomorrow evening I'm going to plant the butterfly bush and the azaleas.

It's been three days and nothing has disturbed them, so I think they're safe.

Library-Gryffon said...

My younger daughter would love to have a pig for a pet, but the town thinks even a mini designer coop and four hens is the equivalent of a commercial agricultural enterprise for which you need a minimum of five acres. I fully intend to ignore that next year,
; my neighbors on both sides like the idea and have both said they've been thinking about keeping chickens too.

We can all be scofflaws together!