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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The DNC is getting into full swing

And I just can't bring myself to watch any of it.  From reading the blogs and news sites this morning it seems to be strictly Abortion! Abortion! Abortion!

Seriously, who cares?  If we're all broke, how are we supposed to pay for your damn free abortions?

And really, how is not paying for something for someone else automatically denying them the right to buy said product or service? If refusing to pay for someone else's contraceptives or abortion is denying them the right to medical care, their refusal to pay for my rent or mortgage is obviously denying me my right to shelter.  But I don't see anyone making that claim.  Which is silly, because shelter from the elements is obviously a much more important "right" than something to help you deal with your poor life choices.  (And yes, I know that not everyone who gets an abortion is doing it for convenience, just 95%+ of them; if it's an ectopic pregnancy, I'll drive you to the clinic myself.)

Add in the new add, where we are told that the only thing we all belong to is The Government.

I am NOT a slave or indentured servant.  I may belong to a country, a church, a family, a social club. My membership in these things is just that, MEMBERSHIP.  It is, even with family, voluntary.  It is a mutual contract, which can be broken at any time.  But I don't have membership in the "government".  The only way I can belong to said government is as a chattel.

I am NOT Julia.  I do not need the government to step in and do everything for me, without my even trying to get ahead on my own first.

I am NOT Julia.  I have a man in my life, whom I love, and who is helping me make a home and raise a family.  We are a package deal.  I can't have that package with the feds.  Or I suppose I could have something similar, but then it would be some creepy blend of Julia and the Lebensborn.

I am NOT Julia.  I AM free.  I WILL stay that way.

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Buttercup said...

This "we all belong to the government" is the inevitable conclusion to the ideas of the left. They are tribal in nature. Collectivist. The individual subordinated to the power of the group.

The irony is how the Democrats say that the Republicans want to take us back 2 centuries. They desire to take us back thousands of years. Not getting in that time machine, thank you.