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Friday, September 07, 2012

There was a convention?

I know there was, because none of my usual Thursday night TV fare was on.  So instead I went to the pharmacy to pick up an antihistamine  refill.  I found it much more edifying and happy making.

The nice discovery for the evening was that sometime in the last few months, my drug of choice, Clarinex, has gone generic.  The insurance companies keep trying to practice medicine without a license and force me to use OTC claritin.  I use Clarinex because the -tin knocks me out.  I can't drive, I can't do any work if I make it to work alive, I can't even read or watch a mindless TV show, I'm so sleepy.  I actually had to get a script of Claritin last spring so that I could "prove" to the company that I had tried the stuff.  Buying it over the counter or using samples from the doctor's office didn't cut it, because they had no proof, not even believing the doctor.  So I filled a script, gave the entire thing to my daughter, since she also has a script for it, and it works for her, and then, with proof in hand, they were willing to cover it.  Idiots.

I'm waiting to see what our share of the hospital insurance premiums looks like for next year.  If it goes up as much as other Aetna products have been lately, I may drop it, stick with just Tricare, and put the premium money in a savings account.  I can go through all my Aetna record for this year, but I think without the Aetna, we wouldn't have spent $2K after whatever Tricare paid, and I need to save up $2K over the next year or so for some major dental work.

Dental insurance is another scam.  I'm getting at least what I put in back since it's a family plan, but the maximum payouts haven't changed in 30 years, while the costs of the work have gone up more than a bit.  Certainly once the girls are off the family plan, I'd be better off just putting the money away and paying all dental costs out of pocket, since I pretty much am anyway.

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