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Friday, September 07, 2012


I guess it's proof that I'm getting older even if I don't feel it.

Every few years I have to completely rearrange the back journal shelving at work (360 or so shelves) because of changes in subscriptions, running out of room for the stuff we still get, having too much space after stuff we've discontinued, etc., etc., etc.

I was shifting a handful of journals (six or eight shelf inches) as a bunch from a bottom shelf in one stack to the fourth of six shelves in the next column and twisted just wrong.  I know I have muscles and connective tissue from my waist down over my hip joint and into my thigh.  It's just that the waist area of the IT band stuff doesn't usually seize up.  So know I'm sitting at my desk, trying to stretch it out, which is hard because I have very loose joints and can't bend far enough to stretch already too long connective tissue, and trying not to breath too hard.

Hopefully it will ease off soon, so I can get some lunch without squeaking with every step.  Work will not be happy if I break myself again just doing my job.  I was on "light duty" for a wrist injury for two months, ending less than two months ago.

Growing old sucks, but it does beat the alternative.

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